Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheesy Biscuits...literally

Cheese Biscuits. They seem to be the reason that Red Lobster stays in business. Otherwise, I don't know why. My friend Nicole LOOOOOVES these biscuits, as well as everyone else at my sister's birthday dinner table last night.

I ate one again specifically to critique it, thinking that maybe it would change my mind.

It didn't. I'd rather have a Popeye's biscuit with strawberry jam any day of the week!


notorious kim said...

I think Oya's little cheese biscuits pummel Popeyes and Red Lobster, lol ;-)

Viva la cheesy bread!

a. o. mcclyde said...

i've never been to oya, but u are on crack if u think popeye's biscuits are better than Red Lobsters.