Monday, November 23, 2009

Through the Fire

This blog is for my mom (and anyone else who cares), about the best thing I've done for my electric bill this year: I got a wall fireplace. The pictures below are of the FireGlo gel fuel cans that are used in the fireplace once I pry the top off with a screwdriver...

See the gel? It kinda smells like alcohol a little bit. After you open them, clean the excess gel off of the tops of the cans, in case you use them later to douse the fire.

And here is the fireplace, mounted just above eye level on the wall. Included is a tray that you can use for decoration while the fireplace isn't in use.

Remove the candle tray and just slip the gel cans right into the three slots below.

The tops of the gel cans are level with the bottom of he fireplace.

Then, simply light the gel by touching the flame to the gel slightly. We re-lit the one in the middle, there was about 1/4 gel left from the last time we used it.

This was the temperature when I lit the fireplace.

Mike warmed up, amazed while we watched Planet Earth on Discovery HD.

So comfortable and cozy...

It got so warm!

And the burners burned out at 11 pm. No electric heat was used all night. Time for bed!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The best food I've ever tasted

Do you know what the best food you've ever tasted is? The best food of your whole life? Only one can be the best, so think help you out, I'll tell you about the best food I've ever tasted. Hands down, it's the Stuffed Chicken dish at Ruth's Chris. It's baked chicken with garlic cheese inside. Garlic. Cheese. Inside. Inside 1/4 of a chicken that would taste awesome even if there wasn't anything inside. Served on a 500 degree plate. Sizzling. I've never had anything like it since the first time I had it four years ago and it was the highlight of my birthday this year.

My super bestliest friend Sue took me to Ruth's Chris for my birthday (that's her above with not one, but two glasses of wine) and Mike and I met her and Will at the location on Wisconsin Avenue. Would you believe it--the power went out. And never came back on. People kept eating (I told you, it's good!) and nobody left. As a result, however, we never got to be seated and headed to another location (at 9 pm) on Connecticut Avenue. AND BOY AM I GLAD WE DID!

I ordered broccoli au gratin with my chicken. Just look at all that cheese!

And now, the chicken...
Do you see that cheese inside? You see it? It just gushes out hot and yummy!
By the way, in case you didn't know, the steak is served on a 500 degree plate also and is delicious! (so I heard)
Then, to top it all off, Sue suggested I get the creme brulee for dessert. Although I had never had it before, I took her advice--and creme brulee is GOOD!
I am still dreaming about that stuffed chicken!
Accepting any invitations to Ruth's Chris in the near future,

Shadowland Birthday

I had the best birthday this year! My long-time friend Shinavia (you'll know her if you see a redhead in any of the photos) threw a party for my birthday this year at a laser tag spot called Shadowland in Columbia, MD, and guess what--my friends came!

She had these cool cookies made, which I refuse to eat because it would be like eating myself.

And Mike had this awesome cake made! The camera section is chocolate and the bottom is yellow with white frosting. It was sooooo good too.

We had such a great time! I did determine, however, that we are too old to play laser tag.

But I would do it again!! Thanks to all of you guys for coming. :)