Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Door Decorating Contest

This year, my office participated in the company's holiday door decorating contest. I heard that last year, we won second place, but I have no idea how, with the paltry decorations found in our dusty holiday box stuffed away on a corner shelf. This year, my coworkers in the IT Dept decided to take it up a notch!

The prize for the 1st place winning door is a free lunch on Friday, December 18th, which happens to be the same day as our holiday potluck. 2nd place is a breakfast on Thursday the 17th. Before we were even done with our door, we confidently wondered if we could change the date of the free lunch!
After collecting a ton of supplies and working for three days on the door with Nikki (go Nikki!) and the superb artist Shanna (go Shanna! who knew she was so talented?) while still keeping up with our regular work, we were finally finished. All day, people were coming by our office to take a look and either commented to themselves and walked away or commented to us about how nice they thought our door was. And in the meantime, it turned into a real competition! Now I can share what all of our hard work produced!

But first, how about a gander at our competitor's doors?

Nice, but in their defense, I don't think they were finished yet...

Keep in mind, the company that I work at, VSE, refurbishes naval ships...

Cool, the hull is 3-D!

More 3-D action!

Here's our door.

No, that's not it, that's just a door that we decorated to look like a gift that's located next to our door.

You can't see them well here, but there are Christmas lights on this wreath!
I was soooo happy to be finished. I can't wait until Wednesday morning for the judging! What do you think? Do we deserve 1st place? 2nd place? An honorable mention?
Here's to the competitive spirit in you...happy holidays. :) -Insana


notorious kim said...

You all definitely first place. Who did the flames in the fireplace? AWEEsome.

TS6141 said...

YES!!!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

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Reetu said...

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