Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day Climate Rally 2010

Sunday, April 25th, I headed down to the National Mall for the Earth Day Climate Rally, featuring performing artists, green education and hippies for days.

I wasn't there for five minutes when I bumped into my brother-in-law, Phil, out of the thousands of people there.

The weatherman scared me away for most of the day, saying there would be torrential thunderstorms and even hail. Do you see rain? Or ice falling from the sky?

Anywho, my friend Nicole said she'd be there too, but I couldn't find her! So I headed to the Earth Day tents.

Earth Day volunteers were out in full force

Including...could it be? Avatars. Well, Na'vi alien impersonators anyway.

9 feet tall and complete with fangs.

Then, I bumped into my new friend Chris (via Nicole and Ryan) and his kids, Solomon and Darius. Again, what are the odds!

The green message tree. Plant an idea!

Cool sights on the way to the tents

I heard them announce The Roots! Time to head to the main stage
10 minutes passed. So, instead of The Roots starting, the event emcees kept bringing out guest speaker after guest speaker, to kill time while The Roots set up their equipment. Why announce them if they're not coming out yet?
Among others, Maria Menounos came out with a basket of fruit from her "own garden". She said something inspirational about gardening and began throwing her fruit out into the welcoming hands in the audience.
Then, I think this woman came out to tell her to stop--what if someone gets hit in the head by a radish and sues?
Although everyone was equally peeved that guest speakers who were NOT the Roots kept walking out on stage to speak, they were also equally excited to see Jesse Jackson appear.
He, too, said something earthly and inspirational and even had us chanting for a moment. And then, lo and behold, look who I saw coming toward me in the crowd!
And finally, The Roots! That tuba player danced a LOT. That's talent.
Although we were tired of waiting, it was worth it. The audience was pumping their fists in no time.
The Roots performed their famous "You Got Me" with none other than...Joss Stone! And let me tell you, although she's no Jill Scott or Erykah Badu, she sang it beautifully! Barefoot as usual.

After a few songs, the sound went out. What a blower. They were almost done anyway and even finished their set when we could barely hear them. The audience clapped to create a beat and it was awesome.
When Mike showed up, he was like, "I see people on stage, is anyone even performing?"

So glad Nicole and I finally found each other. And the rain held off. As I type this at 12:03 am, the rain that the weatherman spoke of ALL DAY LONG is just starting. At least the thunder has begun.

Earth Day was a blast. Do your part people, it's not hard. Recycle--it's just like putting it in the trash, just a different container. Wash your clothes in cold water. Those are just two of the things you can do without thinking about it and you'll be making the earth a better marble.
I can't wait until The Roots come back to town. It's such a party when they are around. Their performance was the highlight of my day (and taking pictures of Avatars),

Makeda's Birthday at The Melting Pot

Friday night, we all went to The Melting Pot in Gaithersburg, MD to celebrate Makeda's birthday.

Makeda celebrated immediately with a Mojito, yum

Her daughters were there too, hey girl! (she's a nut)

And Mike too

And me, looking like everyone else who hadn't been there before: very puzzled by the menu and how this fondue set-up works.

Sue and Deanna are Melting Pot veterans, so they were ready to rock. Nicole must have been ready too, her puzzled look has vanished.

After we ordered, the waiter showed us how it's done, by adding ingredients to the boiling concoction in the different fondue pots on the table.

Then our food was brought out...raw. Ohhhh, now we get it. We cook our own food using the skewers/forks.

That's right, stab some meat (or vegetables) and stick them in the boiling fondue pot, let it cook for 90 seconds and wa-lah! Yummy seafood (or beef, or whatever you had).

Complete with sauces

We even had the cheddar cheese fondue appetizer, where the cheese boiled and we dipped raw veggies and apple slices and bread into it. YUM!

Going to The Melting Pot is ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. I have to say, we were full by the time we left!

Happy birthday to Makeda (and Dutch too!),
Insana :)