Monday, June 21, 2010

Bonnaroo Fashion

There were many outrageous sights at Bonnaroo, even if you only saw the attempts at style and fashion. Mainly, people were trying to beat the heat, but some outfits made a bigger statement than that...

I couldn't bring myself to wear rain boots. It was over 90 degrees.

Lots of these hats could be seen

And last but not least, what's Bonnaroo Fashion without a University of Tennessee tee?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sights and Sounds: Bonnaroo 2010

Now, you too can enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Bonnaroo 2010! Including some of my favorite performances, by the Flaming Lips, the Kings of Leon, Stevie Wonder and Jay Z.

Kings of Leon, one of my favorite songs "Sex on Fire"

Bassnectar--the bass is totally lost on this video but it sounded great.

B.O.B. AKA Bobby Ray

The awesome Flaming Lips!

Stevie Wonder!! The lawn was packed!

Immediately f0llowed by Jay Z, whom Stevie Wonder said he'd stick around to watch. He's such a card!

Jay Z started a 10-minute countdown for his stage appearance. People went nuts!

and then, the last 10 seconds...

The Roc is...on the farm

The Roo Crew: Bonnaroo 2010

The 'Roo Crew at the Bristol, VA La Quinta

Karl and Ryan, swinging from a tree

Mike and Karl

At McMinnville, Tennessee, ready to rock

Shelley, Tiffany, Jake, Nicole, Mike Ingram and Ryan('s back)

Tyre, Adrian, Karl, Alison, Shelley and Ryan('s back again)

After setting up camp, we are ready for Centeroo!
Tammy and Jake

Me and Mike

Debbie and Sarah

You can still be gangsta at Bonnaroo, as Mike demonstrates

Back at camp for a late night chat about today's shows

Adrian's Pad Thai

Mike and I at the Stevie Wonder concert

Ryan and Nicole beating the heat

Mike, Nicole and Adrian at the Stevie Wonder concert


More to come!