Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm an AMC MovieWatcher

For someone who goes to the movies as much as I do, I need all of the discounts I can get. I finally ordered another AMC MovieWatcher card, so that I can qualify for more discounts.

It's totally free! And with it, I:
  • Earn double-points when I bring a friend
  • Get Free Popcorn every Wednesday
  • Get deals on every visit, like a discount on a combo, free drinks, or more free popcorn.


  • When I buy tickets on and use my MovieWatcher number, the service fee is waived, so I pay exactly what I would pay if I were at the theater.

And, once I earn a certain amount of points, I get a free movie ticket. If I'm going to movies anyway, I might as well get something out of it, right?

So, come on out to the movies with me--I get double points! (But not you, Adrian).



Nicole said...

That is perfect for you.

{Ms. P} said...

S2BAdrian. LOL

Regal has a similar program. You get FREE/discounted stuff EVERY time you buy a ticket. Those FREE movie tix, that FREE small popcorn and $1.00 candies come in handy when you've already spent $15 on soda.