Monday, December 13, 2010

Bert & Ernie Get A New Home

This weekend, Bert and Ernie got a new home. It's about three times the size of their old home (a 10-gallon tank), with all new fixtures and appliances. I'm not sure they even know what to do with all of the new space.

From these photos, you can't tell how big they've gotten, but their shells are much larger than the palm of my hand now.

Bert is still searching for something.

And Ernie would normally be afraid of me coming so close to the tank, but he's apparently asleep. It looks like his eyes are molting or something.

They still get along quite swimmingly, although they are the odd couple.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next episode: Bert and Ernie Get a Toy!

Insana :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

White House Christmas Tree

Last night, the White House Christmas Tree was famously lit by the First Family and a slew of performers were there to celebrate, including BB King, Maroon 5, Common and more. The First Lady read a Christmas story to some lucky children and fun was had by all. At least, that's what I heard about on the radio. After all of that was over, all of the people, traffic and security had subsided, I mosied over to the tree at about 10 pm to take a picture. I hear it's the greenest tree yet!

Happy Holidays yo!


Monday, December 6, 2010

FBCG Volunteer of the Year 2010

At my church (First Baptist Church of Glenarden) on Friday December 3rd, I received the Photography Ministry's Volunteer of the Year award during the first annual Leadership Appreciation Awards Ceremony. There was a red carpet for photo ops and a camera crew and folks wore their best sequined gowns and tuxedos and the whole nine. It was awesome!

OD and my mom came out and everything! Getting the award was great, but I was equally excited to wear my new yellow coat. :)

Volunteering is the beez neez. You should try it. Happy my name was spelled right on the award,