Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kings Dominion....Oh Yeah

A couple of weeks ago, my buddies Kim, Lynda and I went to Kings Dominion near Richmond, VA. We hadn't been in years...and were pretty excited.

My Redskins tank got some hate within 5 mins of entering the park. It's ok, I expected that!

The first thing Lynda did was get on the Berserker (the big ship). That's her on the left with her light skinned arms flailing about.

Then we headed to Planet Snoopy to find water rides.

I got this ridiculous chocolate ice cream sundae covered with Oreo sprinkles. A mistake so early in the day.

Nobody wanted to get on the El Dorado.

While Lynda got on the Rebel Yell (or was it the Grizzly?), Kim and I got on the Ricochet, which is basically a children's coaster.

It looked too intimidating for Kim, she was reluctant to say the least.

What did we come here for, to look at the rides or get in? Let's go!

She complied.

See? Children are on it with their parents. How bad could it be?

I think that made Kim feel better.

But then the ride started. And caught us off guard because a kiddie coaster isn't supposed to have a drop like this...

Ha! Scared the hell out of Kim. (and me too) Kim had to follow that up with some fries.

I always forget what this is called but you've seen it a million times. I've never been on it! Now was the time.

I'm a sucker for a caricature. Except Lynda and Kim stood behind the artist and kept laughing as she sketched. Lynda said it looked nothing like me.

I found out a few minutes later that it didn't. At all. Drats. Time for funnel cake.

Mmmmm, strawberries and powdered sugar!

By the way, people do still dress alike at Kings Dominion, in case you were wondering.

Finally, water rides!

Our first stop was the cyclone. Or the tornado. Or the hurricane, whatever this is called.


Then over to Pipeline Peak

Then to the wave pool. I swear we were in the water for 2 minutes before we had to evacuate. Rumor was someone number 2'd in the pool. Ew. Pirahna.

Then we went to find more rides and got accosted by Kings Dominion security for walking around without shirts. They took this pic of us.

While Lynda became a Mad Hatter

Then Lynda got on this ride, which appeared to be tame at first even though you roll around upside down, suspended at the top...

...but then fire shoots out and the whole thing seems to "rumble". Oh snap!

Afterwards, Lynda got on the Volcano, which she said was CRAZY, and she's a coaster connoisseur!

We had a grrrrrrrrrreat time and were thoroughly tired by the end of the day. Next time though, we're staying local and going to Cameron Run!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Fire Displaces 11 People...in My Hood

Last night around 11 pm, I began hearing fire truck engines and ambulances enter my neighborhood. I'm not usually a nosy neighbor and I could see the lights and hear the sirens so I knew that something was going on, but it usually ends up being someone's medical emergency and walking outside in your PJs to look at flashing lights is no fun. So I stayed put. Then I heard more fire truck engines (they made my windows rattle). I became slowly aware that the emergency vehicles weren't just in the neighborhood, but on my block. I cracked my screen door open and sniffed the air for smoke...nothing. So again, I stayed put.

A few minutes later, I heard even more sirens and fire truck engines and only then was I aware that something serious was happening. I looked outside this time and saw that all of the light and smoke was coming from the direction of one of my good buddies' condos, so I text him and he wasn't home, but was instantly alarmed and wanted to know what was going on. So I finally had to walk outside and find out.

(above photo courtesy of PG Fire Department)

Many of my neighbors were outside, watching from a distance.

I walked past them to get a closer look.

As far as I know, especially from this article on WJLA, no one was hurt. And my homies' condo wasn't one of the units affected. But 11 people who lived in this condo unit cannot return because of damage. I will be praying for them.