Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Pack for a 10-Day European Vacation: Summer Edition

Hi! This post is for anyone (especially women!) looking for one-bag packing tips, whether you're traveling to Europe or anywhere else in the world in the summer. Keep in mind that, in this case, I ended up with two carry-on bags, because I flew Delta/KLM, which allows two carry-on bags no matter where you fly. Lower budget airlines in Europe like EasyJet or RyanAir only allow one carry on, but these tips can still work for you!

Step 1: Gather your toiletries and lay them out so you can see everything you plan to take. If you pick up items and start placing them in your luggage first, you will overstuff. So laying everything out before packing is paramount. Everything listed is travel sized 3 oz or less. Here I have:

  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Body Wash
  • Sunscreen (2 - Face and Body)
  • Baby Oil
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Travel Detergent
  • Pillbox
  • Febreze Spray
  • Downy Wrinkle Release (many European hotels don't offer irons!)
  • Moisturizer (3 - Eye, Face and Night--I use lots of moisturizer)
  • Face Cleanser
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Proactiv
  • Lysol
  • Earplugs
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • European power adapters (2)
  • Travel umbrella
  • Scarf

Step 2: Gather the clothes and shoes you intend to wear. On this trip, I was traveling from Washington, DC to three destinations in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza and Mallorca) during the first week of July. Temps averaged between 80 and 85 degrees, so I settled on dresses only. Dresses are easy -- one piece, and voila! -- you are dressed. Be sure to bring a thin sweater for the plane or cool nights. I happen to have a long, thin sweater with a hood, which is ideal. Place all items next to your carry-on. It's easy to gauge the space required if you see all that you intend to bring next to your luggage.  Other items included:
  • Pair of flip flops - I usually wear these at the airport for easy shoe take-off at security
  • Vibrams - instead of sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Heels - (2) for going out, although I could have opted for one neutral color
  • Skirt (1)
  • Shorts (1)
  • Dresses (8) - *I wear an ankle-length dress for the flight.
  • Tanks (2)
  • Thin Sweater (1)
  • Underwear (10) - *some travelers suggest minimizing underwear and washing them by hand
  • Bikinis (4) - my trip headed to two Spanish islands
  • Belts

Step 3: Roll your clothes as tightly as possible. I rolled like materials (silks, cottons) together. If you have sneakers, stuff your underwear into them.

Step 4: I placed all of the toiletries, strategically, like a puzzle, into two sealable one-gallon ziplock bags. Anything that could potentially leak went into its own smaller bag first--I like to use those snack-sized bags sold near sandwich bags in the grocery store, Target, Walmart, etc. Important: Be sure to press the excess air out of the bags before you seal them!


Both of these bags fit easily into the front pocket of my wheeled Sharper Image carry-on. This way, they can easily be removed at security, if necessary.

Step 5: Place rolled clothing items into your luggage first. There are always nooks and crannies inside your wheeled luggage to make space for the frame, handle and wheels--use those crevices to stuff your underwear and bikinis. I also used them to place my scarf and umbrella. Important: Halfway into packing the rolled clothes, pack your shoes. Then continue to pack your clothes around your shoes. Since I packed awkwardly shaped heels, it was easy to pack rolled clothing around them.

My Sharper Image luggage bag has another, slim pocket at its base. It's just thin enough to slide my sandals and Vibram shoes into. I also pack additional ziplock bags inside for dirty clothes or burst toiletries.

This bag even has four additional pockets on the sides. I use these pockets for the travel power adapters, chargers and belts. And now I'm all packed. 

Bonus - Step 6: Since Delta/KLM allows two carry ons, I used this large leather tote to carry my camera(s), ipad, laptop, and passport. That way, they were always within arms reach. I am a photographer, and I avoid checking my camera or equipment at any time. I only bring one 50mm lens with me when I travel, because anything more is too heavy for carrying all day. This bag usually fits underneath the seat in front of me on an airplane. Another bonus: since I was traveling to several cities within the same region, I was allowed one free checked bag to every destination. If you can book that way, do it!

You may have asked this from the start: What if I buy things on my trip to bring home? Well, in that case, I pack a zipable totebag.  The one I have is made to roll smaller and snap into shape. If I buy items on my trip that warrant a checked bag, then I will have a second bag to check, just in case. I can also use this as my purse, during the trip, especially since it zips closed and people will warn you about pickpockets everywhere you go. This bag was a gift, but I've seen it in countless luggage stores.

And that's it! I hope this has helped you figure out how and what to pack on your next excursion! God bless you and safe travels!


Monica Mancilla said...

Now, this is awesome. As someone who over packs especially with toiletries and shoes – this is definitely helpful. Plus I had no idea about rolling clothes nor packing shoes around clothes. I shall be using this for my upcoming trip. I have parked this page under my favorites!

Gracias senorita!


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Jen Nelson said...

The airlines that we have flown on say that only one quart bag allowed per person and all liquids must be in that bag. So two gallon (or even one) would not be allowed. Check with your airline before leaving for your trip.

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